Updates on Shane
Update Jan 2021: Previously, Shane was indifferent, though not cold. She is becoming more open and helpful, and she seems to be closer to her friends now.



Age: 18

Birthday: 05/19/03

Contact # : 09611697017

Facebook Account : Shane Francisco

Parents name : Minda Francisco

Address : Northern Junob Dgte. City

School: Negros Oriental High School

Grade: 11

Favorite subject: Aral Pan. or History

Favorite Hobby: Biking,Hiking & swimming

Tell me a little bit about yourself:
I love biking and watching a bike race and I like hiking and swimming too. Ahm… myself is lazy and yes I mean it but I do help house chores like sweeping inside/outside the house, washing dishes, and washing clothes. I am the kind of person that loves simplicity and beauty. The kind of person who doesn’t communicate very much with god but I always put God in the center of my life.