We have a dream. A dream that one day society will be more generous to those who lack a certain need, providing not only free education but free and fair access to it. Children can start and finish with joy, pride, and clear hope. Families will be able to rise above poverty because the opportunity that was provided by the government was holistic, both in terms of content (the education itself) and the opportunity to it.

Children will be able to graduate from college with good education and a willingness to help their families. Families will be able to rise about their current living situation because of the successful academic pursuits of their children.

Kairos Vision (see our vision & rationale page)

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Though education in the Philippines is tuition-free, pursuit of this education is not. There are costs, such as lunch and snacks, uniforms, and school supplies. There is often shame because of teasing from other children, because of clothes which are tattered and worn. Because of a wide array of variables, some children cannot go to school every day. She or he may have to walk one and a half miles to school, and arrive hungry and tired. Children often don’t want to go to school at all, and when they do, may sometimes come home with tears in the eyes.

School is not a fun experience for some children. I have heard of kids who despise school because of all these factors.

Sometimes, parents cannot afford these things, and seemingly given up on having their child finish high school at all. There are many children who, after elementary or junior high school, stay home to help their parents.

Girls often get pregnant early, becoming young mothers, and often the burden of another child can make the family sink into poverty more.

Boys develop bad character and sometimes become drug dependent, and often end up working at a young age.

Now imagine that this child has money for snacks, uniform, and transportation. She isn’t hungry, isn’t teased, and not tired when she gets to school.

If a child can graduate from high school and college, that family will have a much greater opportunity to prosper – and a smaller risk of being taken advantage of. Add good morals and character, and a sense of civic duty to their education, and a child will really go far in the world.

In Kairos Children’s Fund, we desire to not only help with school needs, but also provide mentoring to the scholar and information to the families.