Updates on Jean Marie

Name: Jean Marie Quitoy

Age: 16 years old

Year: Grade 11

Favorite Subject: English, science, and mathematics

My name is Jean Marie Quitoy. I live in Dumaguete City, Canduay, Purok orchids. I am currently studying in Taclobo national high school and my favorite subjects are English, science and mathematics. My hobbies are reading books and playing volleyball. I also like traveling and discovering new things. I’m a fourth-year student in grade 10. I also like star gazing and realizing how wonderful God’s creation is. I also like watching sunsets and sunrise. I’m also a firm believer in a word of perfect timing i want to become a future doctor someday because as i observed are a situation these days, we’ve we are in demand of doctors and as a reason why i want to become a doctor to help my fellow man . Aside from helping other people, i want to encourage them to help our frontliners why staying at home for their own safety. Sanitize always and wear your face masks wherever you go. And i want to thank god for inspiring me to study hard because little by little i know that someday i can achieve all my dreams and life and all the hard work will be because nothing is impossible with him and I’m thankful also for being one of the scholars. I can’t promise but i’ll try my best to prove to my family that i can. Keep on going