A Random Act of People Helping Another.

Project Rapha is an IGM (Independent Grassroots Movement) separate from Kairos. The word Rapha means God is our healer and is also the name of the founder’s child. Rapha also stands for A Random Act of People Helping Another

Project Rapha is simply a grassroots movement of people who share the passion to bring hope and the Light of Jesus to people who are downtrodden.

It was started by Syla Micarandayo, a former Compassion International scholar. Syla has a pacemaker, and often feels tired and weak, but in spite of this she desires to helps people. Syla was close to the Kairos founder and his wife while attending college.

If you would be interested in starting a similar movement in your area, you might like to send a message to the founder. Since this is a grassroots movement, you will be completely autonomous, but still similar in mission and goal.

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