Updates on Princess
Update Jan 2021: Princess is a very outgoing and respectful young teen. She is also quite creative, and sometimes makes videos of herself and others. She is doing well with her modules.
Age: 11

Birthday: 09/18/10

Contact #: 09168792185

Facebook account: Rayne Princess

Contact #: 09361650834

Parents name: Lerma Cabugnason

Address: Candau-ay Dumaguete City Scandi. Village

School: Candau-ay Elem. school


Favorite Subject: English

Favorite Hobby: Singing and Dancing

Tell me a bit about yourself: I’m Princess Rayne I’m 9 years old my favorite subject is english I love to sing and dance I have 4 siblings

Other information: Princess Rain is the youngest child and living with her parents and grandmother (lola) Without Kairos Children’s Fund, life would be much harder for this family. She would love getting letters of encouragement! If you would like to write to her, please use simple English.