Updates on Jill

Update 2022: Jill joined the leadership training with YWAM and she said that she learned a lot and really enjoyed it. She is one of the up-and-coming leaders in the church that she attends.

Update September 2021: Jill is very active now in her church, and she is even playing the bass on the worship team.

Update Jan 2021: Jill was previously disinterested in God and church. She is starting to change now, getting interested in things of the church. She wants to learn to play drums, but is very busy with her modules.


12 years old – Grade 7

7 / 5 / 2008

I am very obedient daughter to my parents. I love to help in house hold chores. After school I immediately help in cleaning the house , washed dishes and took care of my baby brother then after doing my house hold chores I went to my study area and do my homework. I’m very responsible in my studies because I want to finish it and to have a successful life someday.

Favorite Subject: Math / Science