Updates on Genevieve
Update 2022: Genevieve has been growing in the Lord in the recent months. Her character has also been changing. Genevieve lives in San Jose, a 7 miles north of the Kairos center in Dumaguete.

May be an image of 3 people, people standing and outdoorsAge 16 years old

Grade: Grade 10

Town: San Jose, Negros Oriental

Ms. Genevieve Realon Bilog Banalo Umba, was born on September 04 2005 at Chinesse General Hospital and medical center Blumentrit st. Sta Cruz, she is the youngest daughter of Mrs. Nieves Realon Bilog Umba and Gerardo Banalo Umba Jr. She has 4 sister and 2 brothers. She spent her five years as a child at Taguig city but in 2010, they moved here at San Jose Negros Oriental. In her year staying here she learn a lot Specially in her academics and spending her time by Worshipping God. Every Saturday and Sunday she spent half of her time in bible study and attending mass, because of this she knows more about God and she becomes a responsible person, she knows what is the right things to do, because of God she may encounter hard things but it make easy cause she believe in him that he will not give this trials if she can’t handle it. She believes in a verse that “the lord has made everything for its own purpose.” She also has time in spending with her family and friends. Which make her more happy, contented and thankful because God sent her those persons who she treasure the most. They are also helping her in achieving her dreams and guiding in every path that she walk.