Updates on Darren


Update Jan. 2021: Darren is doing well in school, and thanks to Kairos he is able to complete his modules (take-home work because of the Covid quarantine). He is good at memorizing memory verses.

Age: 11 years old

Birthday: Dec.4,2008

Contact #:09352846335

facebook account: Darren Chiu Realista

Contact #: 09366064618

Parents name:Emely Faith R. Chiu

Address: Candau-ay Dgte. City Scandinavian Vill.

School: Candau-ay Elementary School

Grade: 6

Favorite subject: Science

Favorite Hobby: Playing Volleyball

Tell me a Little bit about yourself: My name is Earl Darren Chiu,11 yrs old.2 will be a grade 6 pupil this class opening.I am the oldest of the family.I use to play volleyball.I also love reading and memorize some bible verse.

Other Information:
Earl, or Darren as well call him, is a good student. He is respectful and quiet and he likes to study. He is good with friends and his younger sister.