Updates on Dante


Age: 17

Birthday: 3-11-05

Contact #: 09361749142

Parent’s name: Haluwina M. Balansag

Address: Purok yellow tops zone 2 Candau-ay Dgte. City

School: Taclobo National High School

Grade : 10

Favorite Subject: Filipino,English& Drawing

Tell me a little bit about yourself: Hi my name is Dante M. Balansag I live in Candau-ay Dgte. City Purok yellow tops zone 2 and I am 15 years old turning 16 on march 11,2021 and I describe my self as a creative person because I know how to make design on my own ideas and and i love to teach kids so my ambition in life is to become a succesful teacher for me to help my parents and help in changing the world and teach them about who is Jesus in there lifes. for me we should be thankful to god because in every situation in life Good or bad He is their for us to guide and protect us.