Updates on Maria

Last year Kat-kat, as she is called, started becoming more outgoing. She grew up as a Catholic but not knowing God personally, so she feels happy knowing God.

When she started with Kairos she was very shy and almost seemed to be hesitant to become a “real” Christian. She soon saw how different it was from Catholicism though.

Lately she started teaching Sunday school and the children’s Saturday outreach.

2024 Update – Kat-kat has been elected to the youth “core”, a leadership of the youth group. She is also showing interest to join the junior worship team. We are really excited to see her progress.

Pastor Andrew said that she is becomeing more talkative openly. 🙂

Name: Maria Catherine Cantal

Nickname: Kat-kat

Grade: 11

Location: Scandinavian Village, Dumaguete