Updates on Shane
Update Jan 2021: Shane has become the kind of child who loves to help other children, not only with their classwork but other things. She is a good daughter and she loves God. She has a very big family, with her many cousins living in the same house, so she has learned to be a good older sister.


Age : 13

Birthday: July 30, 2007

Contact #: 09754748801

Parents name: Angelita Delarusa Lejerso

Address : Candau-ay Purok orchids

School: Pulang bato high school

Grade: 8

Favorite subject: Filipino

Favorite Hobby : Cooking

Tell me a little bie about yourself: I am Riz I’m a helpfull daugther and god fearing. I have a 3 sibling and Im the eldest. I am willing to participate a church activies and to do my responsibilities.