Updates on Eda

Update Oct 2021: Eda has become a leader in her church among the youth. We are so happy for her!

Update Jan 2021: Eda is now leading the worship in the youth p & w band at her church. It is so exciting to see the changes in her life! Even her parents can see the great changes.

Age: 16

Birthday: 11/1/2005

Contact #: 09364382959

Facebook account: Eden Omotong

Parents name : Eddie Y. Omotong

Address: Northern Junob Dgte. City

School: Junob National High School

Grade : 9

Favorite Subject: Math & English

Favorite Hobby: Volleyball

Tell me a little bit about yourself: Hi I’m eda Mae Omotong you can call me Eda for short. I am a very friendly person, I am also a funny guy. I love my family and my first love is God. I like to play volleyball and badminton. My favorite place is church.